Founded by The Rev. Roger P. Cleveland in 1940, this place of worship, mission and fellowship is a "house of prayer for all people."  "Our fellowship is not dependent on identity of theological opinion, or on outward circumstances, nor on denominational name, but a common loyalty to Jesus Christ, a common passion to serve the world, and a common purpose to do justly, to love mercy, and a desire to walk humbly with our God."

This statement was made by Roger P. Cleveland and as we worship today, this has not changed.


The Chapel of St. John of the Mountains

What's New?

Welcome to The Chapel of St. John of the Mountains


Our Pastor

Rev. Cynthia B. Petrie, M.Div.

P O Box 523

Freedom, NH   03836 


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​Guest Speakers/Events

August 4  Scott Brunt, Gospel Singer

Pot Luck BBQ at the Roger's Home after Worship


August 11  Rev. Michael Pelletier, Pastor

Campton Baptist Church